The 'Riverdale' Season 6 Episode 3 Promo is here.

Everyone Is Making Literal Deals With The Devil In This New Riverdale Promo

It was only a matter of time before the devil came to Rivervale.

The CW

Things are getting seriously spooky in season 6 of Riverdale. In the first two episodes to air in November, so many supernatural happenings went down in the not-so-sleepy town, and it doesn’t seem like the chaos will slow anytime soon. In a new, sneak preview of Season 6, Episode 3, things get darker than ever, so prepare yourself for even more frights.

In case you’ve been missing out, Riverdale is in the midst of a horror-inspired five episode event, which has taken the show in a wildly unpredictable new direction to kick off Season 6. The episodes take place in an alternative universe, and the town of Rivervale has already delivered strange magic and shocking twists. The first two episodes were ~a lot~ to take in, and it looks like the same can be said about Episode 3. With characters getting axed left and right, no one is safe in Rivervale, and the preview clip is proof.

In the 20-second teaser, the devil comes to Rivervale to wreak havoc on its inhabitants. A number of characters including Jughead and Tabitha come face to face with this strange man whom everyone refers to as the devil, and it appears the Rivervale residents are totally down to sign their souls away to him in exchange for certain deals. One shot even shows Kevin signing a certificate to give his soul up to this devilish person.

Fans will have to watch the episode in full when it airs on Nov. 30 to find out all the details, but for now, The CW has released a brief synopsis which you can read below.

After being visited by a mysterious figure who arrives in Rivervale, the gang find themselves faced with unexpected ultimatums.

Riverdale Season 6 returns to The CW for Episode 3 on Nov. 30 at 9 pm EST.