Rebecca Black and Slayyyter in the "Read My Mind" music video

Rebecca Black Looks Totally Different In Her "Read My Mind" MV With Slayyyter

This new era is everything.

Rebecca Black and Slayyyter have officially joined forces on their new single, “Read My Mind,” which is an edgy pop-punk song about wanting to know whether someone likes you back or not. “Do you feel the same? We could havе it made,” they sing on the track. “Feel it my veins/ Baby, are you into me?” To go along with their release, the stars dropped a wild music video that features Black and Slayyyter rocking two very different looks.

In a statement, Black said that working with Slayyyer has been a dream come true. “Slayyyter has been one of my favorite artists over the past few years and I loved every second of making this song with her!!!” Black said. “After perfecting this song over the course of a year, it’s magic, it's fantastical, and everything I’d hoped for to kick off this new era. Stan! Glam rage is here!”

Black and Slayyyter definitely make the perfect team. Their vocals go so well together on “Read My Mind,” and their chemistry is even better in their music video, which sees them rocking over-the-top, gas station-inspired outfits as they work at a convenience store. While they’re walking through the aisles, they fantasize about a tattooed motorcycle rider and picture themselves riding a motorcycle while wearing blonde wigs and prosthetic breasts.

“Read My Mind” marks Black’s first release since dropping her debut project, Rebecca Black Was Here, in June 2021. The record showcased Black’s authenticity with vulnerable tracks like “Blue,” which is an all-too-relatable breakup anthem, and “Girlfriend,” which tells the story of a queer romance. In August 2021, the singer opened up to Elite Daily about what it means for her to be authentic as a queer artist.

“There are so many different reasons why it’s important to be honest as a queer person,” Black said. “For me, I felt like as a young half-Hispanic, femme-presenting person, I questioned my own validity as a queer person for a very long time. And I would hope that by being comfortable and expressing my queerness — whether it be through music or through being loud about the fact that, ‘Hey, this exists, and you might not see this down the street from your house, but I promise you it's okay if you feel the same.’”

At the time, Black also teased her next project would be “even bigger” than Rebecca Black Was Here. “I have a lot to prove — not only to myself but to other people as much as I probably wouldn't like to admit it,” she said. “I want people to be as invested and connected to what I’m doing as I am. I want to do it right.”

With “Read My Mind,” it’s clear Black is continuing to stay true to herself.