Raven And Chelsea Reunited And Sang The 'That's So Raven' Theme Song (Video)

Uhhhhhhh, Raven and Chelsea still got the pipes, y’all.

There was a mini “That’s So Raven” reunion in New York on Tuesday night between Raven and Chelsea that was beyond anything one could wish for.

Even Alana, Loca and Muffy would squee if they saw the video.

The sing-along surprised the audience at a solo show performed by former "TSR" castmate Anneliese van der Pol -- whose name makes me assume she exclusively attends cotillions and sips mint juleps on a porch when she isn’t on stage.

Raven sang the show’s theme song and Anneliese, who played Chelsea on the Disney Channel series, stepped in to take the parts normally rapped by Orlando Brown.

The video ends with the duo performing another song, but who cares. You're just going to watch the first song on repeat for the next few hours anyway.