Rachel from 'The Circle' has appeared on the Travel Channel before.

This Isn't Rachel From The Circle's First Time On TV

Her paranormal research keeps her busy.


Rachel Evans knows how to make an entrance. The paranormal researcher carried an accordion into her new digs on The Circle Season 4, and then proceeded to cleanse the room with a witch’s potion. Luckily, her fellow Circle-mates were totally into her ghost stories, but a good first impression doesn’t always mean long-term success in the game. But Rachel does have a lot going for her, including an impressive background in television, YouTube, and all things social media. Here’s the real deal about The Circle star Rachel Evans.

Although she didn’t enter the game on the first day, Rachel still seemed to start things off strong when she logged into The Circle. She immediately hit it off with Yu Ling, and even got the surprise of her life when she found out one of her favorite bands, The Spice Girls, had two members playing the game with her. Unfortunately, that fangirl moment turned sour, after her failure to get a Spice Girls trivia question correct had the other players suspicious that she may be a catfish.

But the truth is: Rachel has been totally honest during her time on the show. And yes — that means she really is a paranormal researcher with a love for all things spooky.

The Circle’s Rachel Evans’ Real Job

As she said on the show, Rachel is a paranormal researcher in real life. More specifically, she is a regular commentator on the Travel Channel’s supernatural investigation series Paranormal Caught on Camera. She also handles the social media for the popular comedy YouTube channel Smosh.

Rachel has a long history with YouTube, as she previously helped run and hosted the YouTube channel Snarled.

The Circle’s Rachel Evans’ Age

Rachel made a point to be totally honest on The Circle, so like she said on the show, she’s a 29-year-old from Houston, Texas.

The Circle’s Rachel Evans’ Instagram

As you’d expect from someone going on The Circle, Rachel’s social media game is on point. She uses her Instagram to share tons of selfies, along with posting clips of her various TV and YouTube appearances for fans.