6 Reasons 'Quantico' Is The Most Gripping, Feminist Show On TV


If you haven't started watching "Quantico" yet, do it now (or over Christmas break once finals are over).

There are only ten episodes so far, so you should be able to catch up in a day or two.

This show is my new obsession, and it features everything I look for in a TV show, including captivating storylines, amazing acting and good-looking people.

The show is about a recently graduated FBI agent who has been accused of a bombing, and each episode features a "then and now" aspect.

If that doesn't entice you, I hope the following reasons will:

1. Priyanka Chopra

The leading lady of "Quantico" has an impressive résumé.

She's an international superstar, Indian film actress, dancer, singer and the winner of Miss World pageant of 2000.

Along with Bollywood songs, she also has super catchy songs with both Will.i.am and Pitbull.

Just like her "Quantico" character, Priyanka Chopra is literal perfection.

She writes monthly columns for Elle.com and essays for The New York Times, and she's a philanthropist.

She also started her own foundation, The Priyanka Chopra foundation.

She's done it all.

2. Chopra's Character, Alex Parrish, is queen.

In the first five minutes of the show, Parrish hooks up with another Quantico student, Ryan, and lies about who she is with no shame.

When they get to Quantico, Ryan tries to pretend they don't know each other and introduces himself in front of everyone.

Parrish has none of it, calls him out on the spot and says:

We had sex in your car six hours ago.


She's also a badass FBI agent.

She knows how to handle a gun, fight her battles and beat the boys.

On top of that, she's not afraid to show her feelings.

Basically, she's everything that every woman should be portrayed as: independent and her own person.

3. The Diversity

There are so many different ethnic groups and religions portrayed on the show.

There's also an equal ratio of males to females.

The women are actually portrayed in an independent and successful manner, not as damsels in distress.

You best believe the females are on the same level as males at Quantico, and for some, they're even stronger.

The show doesn't undermine anyone's ethnicity or religion.

Some events (don't worry, no spoilers) have shown that people of different ethnicities and religions can actually get along without those factors becoming barriers.

Take note, everyone!

4. The Supporting Characters

While the main storyline is about Chopra's character, there is so much more to the show.

Each character's background and current situation is explored.

Each person has so many layers and secrets that unfold throughout each episode.

Just when you think a person's secrets are all out there, more become uncovered.

The supporting characters are important in figuring out the mystery, and you get so invested in all of the characters, not just Parrish.

You can't help but pick a favorite and want to know more about everyone.

5. Plot twists keep you hooked.

There are so many plot twists in each episode, and you end up thinking each person could be the bomber.

You don't know who's on Parrish's side, and you don't know what the truth is.

Each week's suspense keeps you hooked to the next one.

Just when you think you've figured out the bomber, the character goes and does something nice and keeps you guessing again.

The littlest things are connected to one another, and it keeps you on your toes and focused on the show.

Also, the love storylines are all on point, and they don't take away from the actual storyline.

The relationships affect some aspects of the show, but in the end, it's a nice little addition to the action-packed show.

6. The cast is A+ good looking.

Plain and simple, I'm in love with Caleb Haas.

He should be enough of a reason to watch the show.

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