Wren Is Returning To 'Pretty Little Liars' And We Can't Handle It

by Alexandra Svokos

Guys. It's happening. It's really, really happening.

Dr. Wren Kingston is making his fabled return to "Pretty Little Liars."

This is real. The Hollywood Reporter confirmed it and everything.

Season seven of "Pretty Little Liars" has been full of reunions. We got Jenna coming back, as well as Sara (for a short period of time at least — yeesh), Noel Kahn (stop trying to make Noel Kahn happen, I. Marlene King!) and Paige (love is alive!).

Wren's return could be earth-shattering for the Liars — and thus for us insane viewers who have stuck around for way too long to see who is Uber A.

There have been lots of theories circulating about Wren's rumored return to Rosewood. He's always been mildly shady, and not just because he made out with his fianceé's younger, underage sister.

Wren has had some murky links to A, CeCe Drake and sketchy places like Radley.

If you remember, Melissa was supposed to be in England with Wren, reunited. But a flashback showed a drunk Melissa telling Hanna that she and Wren had broken up.

According to her, it was something weird somehow related to CeCe.

So we know he's already got a strong connection to CeCe and Melissa, who herself has always been shady.

The prevailing rumors are that Wren is related to Elliott Rollins, who was killed — really — by Hanna earlier in this summer's season.

We found out that Rollins isn't actually Rollins. He's some guy named Archer Dunhill. Part of Dunhill's impersonation included faking an American accent.

In fact, Dunhill has some sort of British-type accent. This would, obviously, tie him to Wren, who is outwardly very British.

The internet has been buzzing with theories that Wren and Dunhill are brothers — after all, with "Pretty Little Liars," there's always a surprise sibling relation.

Maybe it was Wren who set Archer and CeCe up, which led to all the craziness with fooling Ali and triggering a series of casual stalking and torturing.

I'll call it: Wren is Uber A. Prove me wrong, I. Marlene King!

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