30 Photos Of Luna & Miles Eating Like The True Foodies They Are
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Chrissy Teigen is a multi-talented mama. Among her many talents are her knack for cooking and creating super-successful cookbooks. While her social media profiles is full of photos of food and her kids, some of her best content combines both of those things. These 30 photos of Luna and Miles eating are proof they're foodies just like their famous parents.

Whether Miles and Luna are enjoying a lunch at home, testing out recipes for one of Teigen's books, or munching on snacks at the park, the tots are always game for a good meal. Teigen isn't the only one who has a way with food. John Legend is also known to try his hand at cooking meals that Teigen and their kids will all appreciate.

While there's nothing better than watching Miles and Luna thoroughly enjoy their food, it's also extremely entertaining when they are their parents’ biggest critics. Like the time Miles was a very tough person to please when Teigen had him test out a Super Bowl recipe. Or when Luna refused to serve fake Thai food to her grandma while playing "restaurant" in their backyard. The list goes on and on, so now it's time to take a look at 20 photos that show Luna and Miles in all their foodie glory.

The Look of Concentration
Courtesy of Chrissy Teigen on Instagram

Luna put her coloring page to the side while she focused solely on her pizza in January 2020.

Not a Fan

Miles gave his mom a firm "no" when she asked if he liked her recipe in January 2020.

Cotton Candy, Please!

Teigen threw an epic backyard bash in November 2019 and Luna was all about the cotton candy pig.

Good 'Ol Fashioned Fair Food

Corndogs never looked more adorable then when Miles snacked on one during a November 2019 backyard party.

Noodle King

Miles devoured a bowl of buttered noodles bigger than his head in November 2019.

Soup's On!

Teigen's chicken noodle soup got the seal of approval from Miles in July 2019.

Look at That Spread!

Leave it to Legend and Teigen's two kids to be #picnicgoals. Just check out the insane spread they had in July 2019.

Hands on Helper

Luna looked super focused as she watched a chef prepare a loaf of bread in June 2019.

Luna the Future Food Blogger?

The Legend family took a food-filled vacation to Italy in June 2019.

Girls' Day

True to form, Luna went for some purple ice cream that matched her super cute dress.

Pasta Face

Miles was so into his mom's spaghetti in March 2019 that he was not even bothered by the sauce on his face.

Back to Her Roots

Teigen was "so proud" of Luna for enjoying her first Thai boat noodles in February 2019.

Defined Palate

While many parent can't even get their kids to eat vegetables, Luna was a fan of Teigen's coconut carrot soup in February 2019.

So Chic

Legend snapped an adorable selfie with Luna in July 2019 as she ate "leftover pizza on the Mediterranean."

Hamburger Happiness

Luna couldn't take her eyes off the fries in January 2019.

Taking After Both Mom and Dad

Channeling both her mom and dad, Luna snacked on a rib while sitting at a mini piano in October 2017.

It Runs in the Family

Miles might be the newest pasta lover in his family, but Luna has long been a fan of the food.

Starting Early

Baby Luna eating her dad's pancakes in June 2017 might be one of her most adorable pics ever.

Ladies Who Lunch

Luna and her grandma bonded over a meal in February 2019.

Saving Some For Later

It’s clear Miles loves himself some ice cream. In this March 2021 snap, he was keeping a stash on his face in case he needed a snack later.

A Sweet Treat

Miles couldn’t resist taking a (very large) bite of his mom’s ice cream cone in April 2021.

Birthday Boy Is All Smiles

as Miles had a very happy birthday when he devoured a vanilla sheet cake with chocolate frosting in March 2021.

A garden Party

Teigen’s family could not have looked more picture-perfect while enjoying a garden party in February 2021 while enjoying pastries and what appeared to be milkshakes.

Pizza Day At Preschool

Teigen’s homeschooling method is something I can get behind! She revealed each Monday she has the kids cook something yummy to coincide with a certain letter. On this particular day it was pizza for the letter “P.”

What The Fudge

In August 2020, Teigen shared a pic of Miles with chocolate all over his face. His triple fudge cupcake may have been messy, but it sure made him happy. Just look at that smile.

A Family Affair

John and the kids have a very important Sunday ritual involving pancakes.

Help On Aisle 7?

This August 2020 photo of Luna completely surrounded by groceries is truly one for the books.

Straight Cheezin’

Miles understands better than anyone that brunch is the equivalent of happiness. Just look at how happy he was chowing down pancakes in July 2020.

A Special Visitor

The Legends’ family barbeque got a little more interesting in May 2020 when a snake made an appearance. Miles didn’t seem to mind, though, and kept on eating.


Both Miles and Luna were in their glory in February 2021 when their dad snapped a pic of them devouring ice cream cones.

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