Nerdy Chris Hemsworth In 'Ghostbusters' Trailer Is All You Need To See Today

Columbia Pictures

An international trailer was released today for the female reboot of “Ghostbusters,” and it gives thirsty fans a sneak peek at Chris Hemsworth's nerdy receptionist character.

At the risk of objectifying Hemsworth the way so many women have been objectified in countless male-driven movies, I will simply say he looks so, so, so very smart in this film.

Though he appears in just a few frames of the new trailer, it's evident Hemsworth oozes steamy intelligence and tanned, buff acting talent.

The Internet could not agree more.

It bears mentioning Leslie Jones, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Melissa McCarthy kill in this trailer.

They're the main event, and Chris Hemsworth rides alongside the action with his delicious personality.

Only four months left until this great nation enjoys the hell out of four women's badass adventures and one Aussie's irresistible mind.