Here's how the palace reportedly reacted to the 'Harry & Meghan' trailer.

Here's How The Palace Reportedly Reacted To The Harry & Meghan Trailer

Hint: They weren’t fans.


Friendly reminder: The royal family has zero chill. On Dec. 1, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Netflix docuseries dropped its first teaser, and as expected, royal insiders are not too pleased with it. Per the Daily Mail, the palace reacted to the Harry & Meghan trailer with “horror.”

ICYMI, the docuseries trailer featured several BTS photos of Harry and Meghan’s private life. There were few pictures of other members of the royal family — including Prince William and Kate Middleton — but nothing that could qualify as shocking. In a voiceover, Harry explained, “No one sees what’s happening behind closed doors.” He added, “I had to do everything I could to protect my family.” (So far, we’re in pretty familiar territory, no? Nothing too revelatory.) Meghan then posed a question to the camera: “When the stakes are this high, doesn’t it make more sense to hear our story from us?”

If anything, one could say the trailer was a bit underwhelming, but apparently, palace insiders felt differently. According to Daily Mail royal editor Rebecca English, upon watching the trailer, the palace reacted with “horror and an increasing sense of anger.” One royal source said, “I don't see how anyone could view it as anything other than a declaration of war.” Hyperbole, who?

According to Hello!’s royal editor Emily Nash, Will and Kate are attempting to keep attention on the Earthshot Prize — the reason they made their Nov. 30 trip to the United States. “I think that everyone in the Prince Princess of Wales' team is just very keen to keep the focus on Earthshot. That's the whole reason they're here and this is something they've been building up to for 18 months,” she reported on Dec. 1. "So they're going to be very disappointed that the attention is going elsewhere at the moment and I'm sure that there are going to be concerns about what's to come in this documentary.”

To be fair, the timing of Netflix dropping the Harry & Meghan trailer was a little too perfect, considering Will and Kate’s trip — still, that’s more of a clever PR strategy than a “declaration of war,” right? Right?