No One Looks As Hot As Common On The Oscars Red Carpet

by Emily Arata
Getty Images

Like many Americans, I tune into the Oscars for one reason: to witness really attractive men dressed up.

Luckily for me, the men are putting in extra effort this year.

My personal favorite look tonight belongs to rapper Common, who channeled the Rat Pack in an all-white Dolce & Gabbana ensemble paired with black shoes and bow tie.

It's usually the female stars who spend hours prepping their skin and hair before the red carpet, but Common took to social media to prove it's not all fun and games for the guys.

He posted a video of the Oscar-worthy shave he got hours before stepping in front of cameras.

In case you needed another reason to love the star, he told reporters he'd just come from eating "a lot of cookies." Oh, Common, never change.