We Finally Have An Answer To The 'OITNB' Season 4 Cliffhanger

by Billy Lorusso

*Warning: This post contains 'Orange Is The New Black' Season 5 spoilers*

OK, it's time to thank the Netflix gods.

A full year has passed and Orange Is The New Black is finally back to keep us all shook and on our toes for its fifth season.

You might remember a lot of crazy stuff went down in Litchfield during Season 4. A whole new set of guards took over, Alex killed and dismembered a body, Judy King and Yoga Jones had a threesome, Piper smoked crack and got branded as a Nazi, and Poussay died tragically during a cafeteria riot, leaving literally everyone devastated.


But perhaps the most shocking moment of the entire season (maybe even of the entire series) happened in the final moments of last season when Daya grabbed ahold of Officer Humphrey's gun and aimed it at his head.


In typical Orange Is The New Black fashion, the scene faded out before we got the chance to see what happens next, forcing us to wait an entire year to see whether or not Daya pulls the trigger.

Well, the wait is over and Season 5 opens right where we left off. The only difference this time is that WE SEE DAYA SHOOT OFFICER HUMPHREY. *GASP*

That's right, in the first few minutes of Season 5 the women of Litchfield take complete control of the prison, and, after an expected, extremely tense build up, Daya shoots the pleading guard right in his leg.

Lucky for him, he doesn't die right away (although it doesn't help when Flaca and Maritza start kicking him relentlessly), and Mendoza convinces the other inmates not to kill him.

To be honest, I'm shocked Daya actually pulled the trigger. Like most people, I assumed she would be too nervous to shoot the guard, but it seems that after Poussay's death, these women are fed up with how they're treated at Litchfield.

Clearly, this insane opening scene sets up the rest of season five to be the rollercoaster of shocks we're used to from Orange Is The New Black.