Olivia Rodrigo Said Her First Tattoo Will Probably Be A Taylor Swift Tribute.

Olivia Admitted Her First Tattoo Will Probably Be A Taylor Swift Tribute

The Swiftie is strong with this one.

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Olivia Rodrigo recently turned 18 on Feb. 20, and she’s already thinking about heading to her local tattoo parlor. Of course, the “drivers license” singer wants her first ink to be super meaningful, and there’s one person in her life that means more than most. Olivia Rodrigo wants her first tattoo to be a Taylor Swift tribute, and I’m living for this.

Swift has been a proud supporter of Rodrigo’s music for years, but it wasn’t until “drivers license” arrived that the singers became close friends. Swift has been known to send Rodrigo presents from time to time, and consistently hypes up her music. When the two finally met at the 2021 BRIT Awards in May, it was clear they were on their way to being besties.

As Rodrigo said in an interview on Kiss 92.5's The Roz and Mocha Show, she’s not so sure she’s ready for a tattoo just yet. "It's my 18th, so it's a big one, so I wanted to do something fun," Rodrigo said. "I think the plan now is to get — I was going to get like a tattoo or a piercing, and I was like 'Ah I don't want to get a tattoo,' so I'm just going to get a second ear piercing."

But, if Rodrigo was ready to get a tat, she’d be willing to ink her love for Swift on her skin forever. When the time finally does come for a tattoo, Rodrigo has it all mapped out. "I wanted to get one with my best friend — we're both like huge Swifties," she said. "We wanted to get little baby 13s."

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The number 13 has been a constant throughout Swift’s career. It’s her lucky number, and she used to scribble the number 13 on her hand before playing shows early on in her career. Swift has also been known to tie the number 13 to her albums. Her most meaningful songs often feature 13-second intros, and the music video for her single “Ready For It?" featured the number spray-painted on the walls.

It remains to be seen whether Rodrigo will actually take the plunge and get her first tattoo, but, tattoo or not, she’s a Swiftie for life.