OJ Simpson Allegedly Planned To Kill Himself In Kim K's Childhood Room

Though he is considered one of the most unjustifiably lucky men in recent history, OJ Simpson wasn't always living free and clear.

Leading up to the 20th anniversary of the verdict of Simpson's murder trial, journalist Lawrence Schiller spoke with ABC News' "20/20.”

Schiller, who had access to Simpson's legal proceedings, presumably kept several details to himself over the past two decades, including a story tangentially linked to a celebrity who rose to fame in years following the Juice's controversial case.

The journalist reportedly acquired a recording made shortly before OJ's white Bronco police chase that he deems a suicide tape, prepared by Simpson in then-13-year-old Kim Kardashian's bedroom.

In the tape, Simpson says,

Oh boy, I don't know how I ended up here. Please remember me as 'The Juice.' Please remember me as a good guy. Don't remember me as one of the negatives that might end up here. Please, please, please, please leave my kids at peace. I love everybody.

Simpson's plans were foiled when attorney Robert Kardashian walked in and convinced the athlete to reconsider.

Of the incident, Kardashian reportedly told Schiller,

Then OJ said, 'I'm going to kill myself in this room,' and I said, 'You can't.' I said, 'This is my daughter's bedroom… My little girl Kim sleeps here. I can't have my little girl in this bedroom, and every time I come in here, I'm going to see your body lying in this. You can't do that.

Simpson went on to be acquitted of charges, and followers of the trial looking to dive back into the controversy can check out the upcoming FX series “American Crime Story” in February 2016.

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