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North West Just Tweeted For The First Time, And No One Can Handle It


In 2015, sending your first tweet should be up there with taking your first steps and eating solid food for the first time as important early development milestones.

I mean, if your baby doesn't have a strong social media presence, then, honestly, what's the point of having a baby?

For this reason, December 13, 2015, will probably go down as the biggest day in North West's entire life.

For on that day, North West sent her first tweet.

You're a brand now!

Kim clarified to the world the above tweet wasn't her having a stroke on whatever phone she uses, but rather, it was sent from North's hands into our lives.

Oh, man, did this get the Twitter universe jazzed.

At 2, North West has more of an Internet presence than literally everyone you know combined.

And the countdown toward her first public Twitter beef with Mason begins...