North West Got Super Sassy And Totally Put The Paparazzi In Their Place (Video)


Kim K and Kanye's first child had the rare distinction of being more famous than all of us combined before actually being born.

Really think about it for a second.

Fetus Kardashian West had more fame while still relying on an umbilical chord for sustenance than Miles Teller will ever have in his life. (In his defense, though, Miles Teller relies on an umbilical chord of his own called JK Simmons' acting choices in “Whiplash.” #TellerBurn.)

So, when 2-year-old North West, WHO DESERVES EVERYTHING SHE WORKED FOR, asks for some peace from the press, I think we all agree she deserves some peace from the press.

Her dealing with the paparazzi is probably my new favorite Internet thing.

"I said no pictures" - North — TeamKanyeDaily (@TeamKanyeDaily) October 28, 2015

Hey, dude with the handycam shoved up against this child's face, how about you act like a goddamn human for one second and not harass this CHILD trying to get into a car.

The Internet is 100 percent on North's side here.

I actually feel really sorry for North West in that pap video, she's only 2. Leave her be — ❤️ (@theonewithelly) October 29, 2015
That time #NorthWest told the mean papz about themselves! Yes babes tell em! #SheKnows — Cleo (@MizzCleoP) October 29, 2015

Come on, man.

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