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Nicki Minaj Shared Pics From The Set Of Her New Sitcom And They're Adorable

Nicki Minaj took to Instagram to share pictures from the set of her new biographical sitcom, "Nicki."

Filming began Wednesday, and her co-stars are way too cute.  But how cute are they really? Minaj wrote she's "gonna eat them." Now that'd make one high-protein snack.

She wrote of her mini-me squad,

I'm still working on their collective name. I'm slightly obsessed with them. Handpicked ALL OF THEM!!!!! Very PROUD!!!!!!!!

While "Nicki" doesn't have a premiere date as of yet, Cosmopolitan reports it will be based on true stories from Minaj's childhood in Queens, New York.

Actress Ariana Neal (second from the right) will be playing a young Nicki Minaj in the sitcom set to air on Freeform (say goodbye to ABC Family forever, guys).

We can't wait for the show as it's sure to be 100 percent Nicki Minaj.

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