Nick Viall Has Meltdown And Cries On 'The Bachelor'

If you're looking for lots of drama on the next season of "The Bachelor," don't worry: Nick Viall has got you covered.

According to Chris Harrison, Nick's search to find love could be the most dramatic journey yet, and that's saying something.

The host spilled some details about next season of "The Bachelor" while appearing as a guest on "On With Mario Lopez."

He admitted this is going to be a tough season for "The Bachelor," saying Nick experiences an epic meltdown. OH BOY. Harrison even compared the 36-year-old to season 13's Jason Mesnick. YEAH, remember him?

Jason sobbed when he had to choose between his finalists. Good times! That means things don't sound too good for Nick...


Harrison explained the sitch to Mario. He shared,

I will say — a little inside baseball because we're in the middle of taping right now — he hit a little low point, as all of the 'Bachelors' do. You kind of reach this emotional bottom where you get stripped down. If you know what a Mesnick is, I will let you know that he pulled a full Mesnick. There will be man tears on this season for sure. Nick was handling everything really well — then everything hit him, and he had a full meltdown.



This man has been part of the "Bachelor" franchise for years now. He dated Andi Dorfman, Kaitlyn Bristowe and was with Jen Saviano on "Bachelor In Paradise."

He knows how the show works and keeps coming back for more. So, will he find love this time for good? WILL HE FIND THE ONE?

Honestly, I'm rooting hard for this kid. He clearly needs all the support he can get.

Oh, and if you can't wait for Nick's season to start, check out the first sneak peek of him as 'The Bachelor."


GO GET 'EM, NICK!! I'm here for you.

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