Maitreyi Ramakrishnan as Devi in Never Have I Ever
6 Theories About Never Have I Ever's Final Season

The end is near.

by Ani Bundel
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Since the Season 1 debut of Never Have I Ever, Devi’s life has turned upside down. She’s gone from a girl paralyzed by her own emotional trauma to a confident student heading into her senior year of high school at Sherman Oaks High School. It took some surprise twists to get here, but now the final season is on its way. These theories about Never Have I Ever Season 4 suggest the final episodes will see even more significant changes before the series is through.

Warning: Spoilers for Never Have I Ever Season 3 follow. Devi’s journey over the series’ first three seasons has been remarkable. She’s gone from someone who sees herself as bottom of the social barrel to a person who loves herself for who she is and can recognize her own strengths.

However, getting there meant going through some serious emotional drama. She landed Paxton as a boyfriend only to drive him away with her insecurities. Instead of doing the expected thing and bouncing back to Ben in her never-ending double crush, she found the strength to walk away from the whole mess and discover the excitement of dating someone completely new. And although her relationship with Des didn’t work out, the experience helped her find herself as a person, and she closed out Season 3 ready to see herself as worthy — and maybe even ready to try dating one of her original crushes again.

Here are some theories about what she might do next.


Devi & Paxton Will Reunite

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Season 3 ended with Paxton getting into college and heading out after graduating. But the show’s creators have assured viewers actor Darren Barnet will be back for the show’s final season and be in it “as much as he was in Season 3,” according to Lang Fisher’s interview with Deadline.

That last bit is essential. Since Devi dated someone who wasn’t Paxton or Ben in Season 3’s second half, the series reduced Paxton’s screen time. That suggests he’ll have a longer orbit around the series, but Paxton will still shake things up every time he passes through.


Devi Will Date Both Ben & Paxton

Season 3 ends with Devi showing up at Ben’s house with the broad hint that they were going to have sex. But though Devi is ready to see herself as an equal to Ben and Paxton, Ben may not be. As the only non-Devi character who was given a POV episode in Season 3, it’s clear his self-esteem issues are still an obstacle.

With Paxton coming through at intervals, Devi may break up with Ben the same way Paxton once did with her, telling him to come back when he’s ready to see himself as worthy of her. In the meantime, that’ll leave her open to try again with Paxton now that she’s reached that point herself.


There Will Be Other Vishwakumar Romances

Richa Moorjani as Kamala, Ranjita Chakravarty as Nirmala in Never Have I Ever

It’s the final season, and there’s no way the series will leave the rest of the Vishwakumar women at loose ends. Kamala and Manish are already working through their difficulties and expectations, and one assumes they’ll end up together in the show’s final episode.

Also, there’s word a new, older man will be joining the series for the final season. When Dr. Jackson rode into town in Season 2, neither Devi nor her mother Nalini was ready to move on from losing Mohan. But two years is a long time, and Devi’s refusal to leave her mother to go to Shrubland School may be resolved by Mama no longer being alone by the time Season 4 has concluded.


Princeton Accepts Devi, But...

Speaking of Devi’s decision not to go to Shrubland School, her turning down the coveted Ivy League feeder school puts her chances of automatically getting into Princeton in doubt. But it also suggests Devi isn’t as into Princeton as she once was.

If Season 3 was about Devi realizing her long-held assumptions that she’s not good enough for Paxton or Ben were wrong, then Season 4 may be about her beliefs about college were wrong too. How great would it be for Princeton to come calling, only for Devi to realize she wants to go somewhere else? (I’m just saying, Bryn Mawr is *right there.*)


Devi’s Inner Voice Will Change

Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Netflix

Devi’s inner monologue has thus far always been the voice of the bad boy of tennis, John McEnroe. Although the sports legend has always waxed enthusiastic and is invested in Devi’s story, the show’s creative team has not yet confirmed his return for Season 4.

The ultimate sign of growing up is when the voice that judges you and narrates your life inside your head changes. Maybe McEnroe was the voice of Devi’s high school years, but she may be ready to move on.


Devi Ends The Series Single & Happy

In a show where the bones of the story are based on a love triangle, fans will want to know how it ends: Team Ben or Team Paxton? But what if the answer is Team Devi?

Devi is entering her final year of high school seeing herself as a worthy person who could date either Ben or Paxton. But the ultimate ending for Devi isn’t which boy she ends up with. It’s the ability to recognize neither is the be-all, end-all of her life and that she can leave them behind, ready to face the future and what comes next.

All episodes of Never Have I Ever Seasons 1 through 3 are streaming on Netflix. Season 4 is expected out in 2023.