Navarro College cheer team has a variety of impressive performances

Just 11 Videos Of Navarro College Cheer Routines

They're baaaaaack.

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Although Cheer Season 1 did an impressive job of showing the ins and outs of Navarro College's journey to the NCA National Championships, it kept fans waiting to see the squad's full routine until the very end. So, by the sixth and final episode of the docuseries’ first season, Cheer fans were fully invested and on the edge of their seats while they watched Navarro go full-out in Daytona. Of course, finally seeing all the athletes' hard work pay off was satisfying for viewers, but it likely also left many wanting to see even more from this stellar team. Now that it’s been a while since the series debuted and a second season has arrived, there are even more videos of Navarro College cheer routines so you can fangirl over them again and again.

Since 2000, the Navarro team, led by head coach Monica Aldama, has won a total of 14 NCA National Championship titles. While the squad's roster changes from year to year as cheerleaders graduate and new ones take their places, the collective talent of Navarro remains consistently impressive. Here's a compilation of Navarro cheer videos from the past four years that will have you on your feet and rooting them on from afar. (Spoiler warning: This post reveals Navarro’s 2021 NCA Championships routine, which is depicted in Cheer Season 2.)

1. NCA National Championships 2021, Day 1

Following a year off due to lockdowns in 2020, the 2021 NCA Championships in Daytona, Florida were high stakes for the team. Here’s their performance from Day 1.

2. NCA National Championships 2021, Day 2

Day 2 at Daytona was a little shakier for the team, but they still turned it out nonetheless.

3. Navarro On The Ellen Degeneres Show

The Navarro College cheer team was featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on January 23, 2020, during which they performed a full-out routine in front of her live studio audience.

4. NCA National Championships 2019, Day 1

The Netflix series didn't show it, but the NCA National Championships in Daytona are actually a two-day event. Here's Navarro's Day 1 (April 4, 2019) performance of their winning 2019 routine.

5. NCA Showoff 2019

Before heading to Daytona, cheerleading teams participate in a "NCA Showoff" to display their full-out routine in front of a live audience. Here's Navarro's March 29, 2019 performance of their winning routine, exactly one week before they won the title at Daytona.

6. Navarro Cheer Camp 2019

Navarro College hosted a cheer camp in July 2019 and showed off some major skills to a large audience.

7. NCA Showoff 2018

Before the Cheer film crew began documenting their every move, Navarro College participated in the NCA Showoff in March 2018 to prepare for that year's trip to Daytona.

8. NCA National Championships 2018, Finals

The Navarro team performed in the finals of the 2018 NCA Championships in Daytona in April 2018, where they took home first place.

9. NCA National Championships 2017, Finals

Here's the fateful 2017 Nationals performance that earned Navarro second place against rival school Trinity Valley Community College, which Aldama had a hard time living down. The Navarro team is a staple at the NCA Championship.

10. NCA National Championships 2016, Finals

The Dawgs performed at the Daytona NCA College National Finals in April 2016, where they earned second place, again losing to Trinity Valley.

11. Navarro Cheer At SMU College Camp

Navarro participated in the SMU College Camp in July 2016, and performed this rally routine for audiences. This performance features more flags, pom poms, and chants than a typical NCA Nationals routine.

Fans can catch more cheerleading action on Cheer Seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix. You could also just watch this amazing video of former Navarro stumbler La'Darius Marshall living his best life on a loop.

Either way, you're bound to feel fired up.

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