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There's Another Word For A 'Muggle' And People Really Aren't Having It

Welcome, No-Maj!

You probably say,

WTF did you just call me?


According to JK Rowling,"No-Maj" is the term American wizards use instead of the word "Muggle" in the "Potter" universe.

A "Harry Potter" spin-off film will be coming out next year called "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" starring Eddie Redmayne.

The movie will take place in New York City, and it was revealed American wizards call a person without magical powers a No-Maj (pronounced "no madge"). It's reportedly short for "no magic."

Well, good effort, JK, but it looks like Twitter isn't having it.

"Harry Potter" fans grew to love and obsess over the word Muggle, so people seem pretty upset with this new change.

Do you hear our cry, JK? NO-MAJ IS LAME.

The population is suffering. SUFFERING.

People are GRIEVING. Denial is the first stage.

There's so much denial.

Welp, now it's ruined for all of us. BYE.

"Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" comes out in November 2016, so JK has until then to change No-Maj back to Muggle and save us. No pressure, JK, just do what's right.

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