Reuters/ Mario Anzuoni

Beyoncé Says This Is The Moment She Realized Her True Power

Beyoncé, who could very well win the 2016 US presidential election via a write-in campaign, has been grinding away at her career since she was 9 years old.

In a new interview with ELLE magazine, Queen Bey revealed despite her lifelong commitment to greatness, she didn't discover her power until Destiny's Child released its first album.

She recalled,

I discovered my power after the first Destiny's Child album. The label didn't really believe we were pop stars. They underestimated us, and because of that, they allowed us to write our own songs and write our own video treatments… That's when I became an artist and took control… because we had a vision for ourselves and nobody really cared to ask us what our vision was. So we created it on our own, and once it was successful, I realized… We didn't have to go through other writers or have the label create our launch plans -- we had the power to create those things ourselves.

Throw on your IVY PARK sweats, kneel and thank whatever God or spiritual entity or sack of potatoes you worship, because Bey being left to her own devices early in her career led to her becoming the mogul she is today.

Dreamers of the world with talent to spare: Follow your girl Beyoncé's lead and don't follow anyone's lead, ever.


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