Molly And Issa Prove A Real Bestie Will Stalk Your Ex On Last Night's 'Insecure'


Ah, Molly and Issa continue to prove that their best friend relationship is the one that really matters on the instant cult classic that is HBO's Insecure. Sure, Issa is pining to make up with her now ex-boyfriend Lawrence-- and sure, they had an epic episode of quickie hate-sex on the couch in the last episode. But Molly and Issa are straight up iconic.

Nope, it's not too early to use the "I" word. Only iconic best friends do what Molly does for Issa in the second episode of Insecure season 2.

Issa has been sick and confused ever since she and Lawrence had breakup sex and no, he still hasn't really been talking to her. When she told Molly what happened on her couch (while Molly is sitting on said couch, by the way), Molly had the same "WTF" reaction that Twitter had last week. Welcome to the "WTH are they doing" club, Molly.

After she checked Issa for over-complicating things with Lawrence, she asked her friend how she's doing. The short answer is: terrible. The confusion is eating away at Issa, and making her avoid her feelings with Oreos. I've definitely been there and bought that collection of T-shirts.

But Molly to the rescue, baby!

In the next scene, Lawrence saw Molly at a coffee stand in a park outside of his office building. He hesitated to drop by and speak to her, but he's likely known Molly for the same five years he's known Issa, since they're besties, so he went to say hi.


Molly asked him how he's doing and then asked him how he was feeling about Issa. Lawrence looked visibly torn, like he hadn't even asked himself these questions.

This was really a conversation he and Issa should have been having before they hit it and quit it on the couch. Then, neither of them might be in the sad, confused state they are in now. Conversations work, people!


After Molly and Lawrence parted ways, she called Issa to break down the whole conversation and hilariously shared that she "had to do like five fake walk-bys" until Lawrence saw her.

Basically, Molly drove across town and pulled up on Lawrence while making him think that he pulled up on her. This was a brilliant, seamless plan that will go into the Molly moments hall of fame. I think it's second to the time in Season 1 when she chin-checked Daniel for crashing Issa's work event while Lawrence was there.

Molly also broke the news to Issa that Lawrence is officially done with her (which I don't believe just yet, but OK, Insecure writers), and has even begun hunting for apartments. Issa is bummed TF out over it, and yes, she should have been the one having a conversation with her ex, but what better way for her to hear such hard news than from a bestie who will follow it with affirmations and lots of love?

My best friend and I used to call these types of moments, "real best friend sh*t," because only your closest, most trustworthy besties are qualified and down to pull off stunts like this.

If you haven't pulled a Molly, then you've done something. Maybe you had your girlfriends come with you to pop up on a crush at a party you knew he or she would be at. Or spent two hours mining social media to see how a new bae your bestie was dating really got down. And yes, maybe, you even helped your best friend pull off a serious stake-out session.

Hey, it doesn't always even make sense, but you're there because you love your bestie.

And that's what makes Molly and Issa so iconic already. They aren't perfect individuals with a perfect friendship living perfect lives. These women can be messy, but they love each other and will go the extra mile. Best friends call you out on your crazy crap and still don't judge you for it. And sometimes they just might jump into the crazy pond with you.

That's just how "real best friend sh*t" goes down.