Modern Family' Creator Hints At How And When The Show Will End

by Anna Menta
ABC/Richard Cartwright

If you think Modern Family's been on for-freakin'-ever, you're not wrong. The show already has eight seasons and was recently renewed by ABC for two more seasons after that. But even Emmy-winning shows must end someday, and according to Modern Family co-creator/executive producer Steve Levitan, the end is near. In an interview with Deadline, Levitan got candid about when and how Modern Family will end.

First, Levitan basically confirmed Modern Family will conclude after 10 seasons. He said a decade was not the original goal he and fellow co-creator Christopher Lloyd (no, not that one) had in mind — not until they realized it was possible, at least.

"Our original goal was to just stay on the air,” Levitan said. “But after awhile we though we may be in control our own fate, and 10 sounded like a nice round number."

Ten seasons is certainly an impressive run. Other hit sitcoms like Friends and Happy Days also capped off their success off at 10 seasons. Others. though, have kept going even longer — The Big Bang Theory is in its 11th season, and is already planning Season 12.

Of course, having children as some of the main characters on the show does put more of a timeline on things — this season Alex was off at college, and we have to assume Hayley, Luke, and Manny will also move out eventually.

ABC/Richard Cartwright

Though he didn't have specifics, Levitan did drop some hints on where the final season of Modern Family will leave the Dunphys and Pritchetts.

Levitan said,

We haven't had that exact conversation yet how we want to end the show episode-wise. We've talked about areas that we want to go and tonally what we want to do. I think we will end the show the way we started it in the pilot, with a big family event.

He didn't elaborate on what that "family event" might be. The family event in the pilot episode was Cameron and Mitchell introducing their newly adopted daughter, Lily, to the family, so it might be fitting to have the family come together around Lily again. But I'm just spit-balling here.

Levitan said he and Lloyd also considering ending the show on a death or a crazy twist, so let's just all keep praying that doesn't happen. I don't think I could handle it if Jay dies.