MJ Rodriguez and Billy Porter in 'Pose' Season 3

Twitter Went Up In Flames After Mj Rodriguez's Emmys Snub

The Pose fans are not alright.

by Ani Bundel

Pose was already a groundbreaking show for its casting of trans actors in transgender roles, along with its subject matter portraying the communities of color hardest hit by the AIDS epidemic. But Season 3 went above and beyond, with some of the series’ finest hours of television, especially between actors Billy Porter and Mj Rodriguez as leads Pray Tell and Blanca Evangelista. Porter has already received an Emmy for his work, but this is the first season the Television Academy had given his co-star a nomination. It made Mj Rodriguez’s 2021 Emmys snub for yet another Emmy for The Crown all the harder to take.

Though Pose has been one of the best shows to come out of Ryan Murphy’s deal with FX, the Emmys have been slow to recognize the series. That’s partly because most of the cast, made up of transgender and gender-non-conforming actors, were all newcomers in front of the camera in the first series. But by Season 2, the ensemble had become seasoned professionals. With stunning performances by Rodriguez, Indya Moore as Angel, and Dominique Jackson as Elektra, the Emmys’ ongoing snub by not nominating any of them in the Best Actress category was notable.

With the nomination of Rodriguez, the Television Academy corrected at least part of this oversight. Her nomination was also a historic milestone — the first transgender actor to receive a Best Actress nomination at the Primetime Emmys.

But sadly, when it came time to seal the deal, the Television Academy fell short. Netflix’s The Crown was the big winner of the night, taking home wins for all four acting categories in Outstanding Drama, and that meant Olivia Colman walking off with Rodriguez’s Emmy.

What made it hardest to take was that this was Pose’s only chance to make this sort of history. Had the Television Academy nominated Rodriguez before this and given her other chances to win, it might not have been so tough to take. But this was a snub on top of years of snubs.

But though fans were thoroughly disappointed, they rallied. Pose may be over, but Rodriguez’s career is not. Next time, she’ll win.

All the love to the Pose cast and team, who have made history every year they were on the air. The category is... history. Straight 10s across the board, honey.

Pose Seasons 1 and 2 are streaming on Netflix. Season 3 will arrive on Netflix in 2022.