Nicki Minaj And Taylor Swift Put Beef To Rest With Epic VMA Duet

Taylor Swift's enviable #Squad just welcomed a new member — and believe me when I say it's not someone you'd expect.

If you recall, Swift got into a bit of a squabble with Nicki Minaj earlier this summer, right after MTV announced the nominees for tonight's Video Music Awards.

The beef began when Minaj — whose “Anaconda” video was nominated for several categories, but not for video of the year — took to Twitter to air her grievances with the music industry, claiming she was snubbed because of her curvy figure. She suggested that, if she were “very slim,” she'd have been nominated for Video Of The Year.

Taylor Swift saw Minaj's tweets and took them as a personal dig against her. The two chatted back and forth for a bit, and fans labeled their exchange a “feud,” despite the fact that no insults or hateful words were traded.

The two later made up, and all was history. Until tonight.

During her opening performance at tonight's VMAs, Minaj officially put the feud rumors to rest when she brought Swift onstage to perform a duet version of “The Night Is Still Young.”

Understandably, people went apesh*t: Minaj and Swift are arguably the most powerful — and talented — women in the music industry right now, and their dual performance was nothing short of perfect.

We never saw this coming — but now that we've gotten a taste of what these two can do together, we want more.

.@NICKIMINAJ brings out @taylorswift13 for "The Night Is Still Young" live at the 2015 #VMAs. pic.twitter.com/Oj5SZsoQjo — Nicki Minaj News (@NickiDaily) August 31, 2015

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