Milo Ventimiglia Crushes Dreams, Says He Isn't Happy About More 'Gilmore Girls'

by Anna Menta

I have bad news for my fellow "Gilmore Girls" fans: Milo Ventimiglia, aka Jess Mariano, doesn't love us any more.

OK, OK, that's maybe a bit dramatic. (Much like a certain lovable drama queen I would love to see more of.)

But the "This Is Us" star doesn't seem too thrilled about the prospect of another season of the "Gilmore Girls" revival.

Earlier this week, Milo appeared on the BUILD Series to talk about "This Is Us," Jack Pearson and a little bit of "Gilmore Girls."

(The "Gilmore Girls" talk starts at about 22 minutes.)

When asked if there will be more "Gilmore Girls" episodes, Milo said,

I don't know. I had dinner with Dan and Amy this week, and we didn't actually talk about 'Gilmore' at all.

Now, it's important to keep in mind this interview happened before we heard from a Netflix content officer another season of "Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life" is in "preliminary talks."

So it's likely Milo didn't have all the info at the time. But he did go on to express his disinterest in returning to Jess Mariano for a third time.

He said,

I was 24 when I signed onto the show, so that's 16 years ago. As an actor, you constantly want to evolve.... I'm constantly trying to evolve and grow and I think when you have a show that is so far in the past — over a decade in the past — you visit it once and it's a blast. You see some old friends, you jump into the shoes and leather jacket of an old character. But then you're like, 'All right, cool, we gave you that last slice of pie. I'm gonna go back to this other show I have called 'This Is Us,' and the other gigs that I'm working on.'

He also went on to imply that even though he wants audiences to be happy, fans should be grateful they got any revival at all.

He said,

So as much as I would love for audiences to have more... just accept what you got. You got a little bit more, which is awesome! Not everybody gets that.

OK, Milo, we get it, you have "This Is Us" now! And you're great in it! But does that mean you're just gonna forget your past? Your ROOTS? REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE, MILO!

Because, listen. If "Gilmore Girls" comes back for more episodes and Jess isn't there?

That's not the Stars Hollow I want to live in.

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