Millie Bobby Brown was surprised to learn 'Stranger Things' fans hate Mike.

I'm Cracking Up At Millie Bobby Brown Finding Out Stranger Things Fans Hate Mike

"You guys don't like Mike?!"


Eleven may be head over heels for Mike Wheeler, but the Stranger Things fandom is a different story entirely... and Millie Bobby Brown just found out the real general feeling about her onscreen boyfriend. Though Mike was basically the show’s protagonist back when Stranger Things began, he’s been drifting a bit more to the sidelines in recent seasons, and most fans aren’t really complaining about it, as newer fan-favorite characters like Steve and Max have taken the spotlight. In fact, many fans have soured on Mike as he’s grown more callous, and they let Brown know at a recent Comic Con. The revelation definitely caught the Stranger Things star off-guard, because Brown’s reaction to fans hating on Mike was total surprise.

On July 17, Brown fielded questions from a crowd of fans during a Q&A panel at German Comic Con, and was surprised to learn the audience was full of Mike haters. It all started when one fan asked Brown how she feels about Eleven’s relationship with Mike, which was notably strained in Season 4. “I mean, do you like him?” Brown asked in response, prompting the audience member to admit she doesn’t.

“What?! You don’t like Mike? In Germany, you guys don’t like Mike?” Brown asked incredulously, as the whole crowd erupted in a group response of “No.”

“In America, people love Mike,” Brown shot back in defense. “Can somebody tell me why they don’t like Mike? What’s wrong with him? He’s not a good boyfriend? Is that it?”

Brown got her answer when one fan shouted that Mike has been a bad friend to those closest to him. “Oh, he’s not a good friend! Oh that’s why, OK,” Brown said. “Hm, there’s not much I can say about that, although Finn, he’s a great friend. He’s like the bestest friend.”

Brown started to understand the Mike hate when another fan brought up Mike’s inability to tell Eleven he loves her at the beginning of Season 4. “I know, what’s wrong with that? I was getting so annoyed. I was like, ‘Bro, just say you love me,’” Brown said.

Although Mike and Eleven spent the bulk of Season 4 apart from one another, they did reunite and reconfirm their romance by the season finale. But despite that, it doesn’t seem like many fans are that interested in Mike anymore — maybe this will all lead to a big redemption are for Mike in the fifth and final season. He is apparently “the heart” of the group, after all.