The 'Midnight Mass' finale ending might set up a Season 2, or it might totally shut down that idea.

The Midnight Mass Finale Could Set Up A Season 2 With More Religious Carnage

So, umm, about that angel...


The sun may have set on Crockett Island, but that may not mean the end for Midnight Mass. Netflix’s bloody new horror series ended with a ton of destruction, heartbreaking moments, and a heaping helping of supernatural spookiness. But after finishing the series, fans are left to wonder what might be next. Will Midnight Mass follow in the footsteps of its sister Haunting series and become an anthology, or could it get a true second season picking up where Season 1 left off? To answer the question of will there be a Season 2, we need to first explain that Midnight Mass ending, because a lot happened real fast.

Spoiler alert: Don’t read on until you’ve finished the Midnight Mass finale. With Father Paul Hill revealing the truth about himself and introducing his demonic “angel” to his congregation, everything finally came to a head in the gory Midnight Mass finale. During his Black Friday sermon, Father Paul confirmed to everyone that he is actually the community’s formerly elderly religious leader Monsignor John Pruitt, having been de-aged by a vampiric creature he met in a cave on the road to Damascus. And the surprises kept coming: He then welcomed the “angel” into the chapel, inviting all his followers to drink its blood and be transformed as he has been.


Soon, pretty much everyone is reborn as a vampire thanks to this twisted take on communion, and carnage spreads across the Crock Pot. The newborn vampires feast on everyone who wasn’t at mass, which Bev justifies as their rightful punishment for skipping church, but Sheriff Hassan and Erin Greene manage to ruin Bev’s plans to create a new vampiric congregation by burning down the rec center they were planning on sleeping in come sunrise.

With every shelter on the island burned down, the vampires all burn up once the sun rises, and unfortunately, both Sheriff Hassan and Erin died as a result of their battle with the others. In her final act, Erin managed to slit several holes in the angel’s wings, hindering its ability to fly off the island.

The only two Crock Pot survivors are Warren Flynn and Leeza Scarborough, who watched their homeland burn from the safety of the canoe Warren hid in the Uppards.


The ending makes a second season seem incredibly unlikely, though not completely out of the question. With Crockett Island throughly destroyed and only two relatively minor characters left standing, there’s not much more to explore. The one glaring cliffhanger is the fate of the angel, whom Warren and Leeza saw struggling to fly away from the island before the sunrise. If the angel did survive, then a second season could potentially shift the focus to a new town that it infects. Or the potential season could center on Warren and Leeza trying to track down the angel and take it down themselves.

However, the final moment of Midnight Mass seems to suggest the angel probably perished. Before the credits roll, Leeza happily tells Warren that she can’t feel her legs. Since she was only able to walk thanks to the angel’s blood, this statement likely means the angel was destroyed and Leeza can no longer benefit from its powers.

While a true second season is probably not in the cards for Midnight Mass, there’s still hope for more. Creator Mike Flanagan could very well turn the show into an anthology series, like he did with his other Netflix horror shows The Haunting of Hill House and The Haunting of Bly Manor. The Haunting series focuses on ghost stories, and a potential Midnight Mass anthology series could tell different supernatural tales with religious connections. For now, fans will just have to wait to see if Flanagan is planning to return to the world of Midnight Mass or not, so keep on praying.