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Ethan Kang on Season 19 of ABC's 'The Bachelorette'

Twitter Is Demanding Justice For Ethan After His Bachelorette Elimination

Gone too soon.

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Bachelor Nation lost a fan-favorite far too soon. Ethan Kang, a member of Rachel Recchia’s group of men, won fans’ hearts with his sly, funny remarks and megawatt smile. From his first funny impression to absolutely crushing the cheese-carrying date, fans were so sad to see Ethan go. And in true Bachelor Nation fashion, the tweets and memes about Ethan’s sad Bachelorette elimination are full of feelings.

Ethan’s time on Season 19 of The Bachelorette started with a memorable entrance as he juggled his way into the mansion, but he didn’t get a ton of screen time in the first couple episodes. He first became a fan-favorite when his outrageous facial reactions went viral. Ethan has also super actively engaged with his fans throughout the season on social media, sealing his status as this season’s meme king.

When it was time to join either Gabby Windey or Rachel’s cohort, Ethan enthusiastically stuck with Rachel and fans started to see a bit more of his personality shine on group dates and in the house. Sadly, for fans of this New York-based contestant, they only really started to get to know him in the same episode as his elimination. In the August 15 episode, Ethan nearly won the cheese-carrying contest, got some intense PDA-time with Rachel, and even confronted Tino about his immaturity at the end of their group date.

Most of all, though, fans were drawn to a very specific moment from Ethan’s final episode in his Bachelorette journey and it wasn’t even a part of his goodbye. While Tino was throwing his post-group date fit because he didn’t get the night’s rose, Ethan called him the now-iconic insult “baby back b*tch.” Naturally, Twitter erupted and Ethan’s elimination stung even more.

Fans weren’t just sad to see Ethan go because he brought a ton of laughs, but also because he is one of the first Asian contestants to get this far on a Bachelor or Bachelorette season.

Fans also couldn’t handle his elimination because he made a huge sacrifice on his last group date — despite his lactose intolerance, Ethan downed some cheese in pursuit of Rachel’s cheese-loving heart.

Ethan could return to Bachelor Nation on Bachelor in Paradise — or even as the next Bachelor — and hopefully, the next time he embarks on this journey there’s less cheese and a lot more screen time.

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