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Aaron Clancy and James Bonsall on 'Bachelor In Paradise'

Everyone's Favorite Meatheads Are Back On BIP & The Memes Are Fire

Big facts.


Sometimes people leave Bachelor In Paradise engaged, or at least having found love. Sometimes people leave BIP with no relationship at all. But only a lucky few leave BIP with one of the most precious things of all: a bromance for the ages. Aaron Clancy and James Bonsall left in each other’s arms at the end of BIP Season 7 after things didn’t work out for them romantically. Now they’re back on the beaches of Paradise for Season 8 to give love another chance, and the memes about Aaron and James’ triumphant BIP return are full of big bro energy.

Bachelor Nation fans will remember Aaron and James from BIP Season 7, where they always found time to get in a workout together to strengthen their muscles — and their friendship. “Obviously, I didn’t find love, but I met my boy through it,” James told the Bachelor Nation blog. “It’s a different kind of love!”

Since apparently now Aaron and James are inseparable, they went down to the Paradise beach together, and they were even granted a double date card so they could go on their first dates together, too. As soon as they hit the beach, they had all the women’s full attention as they started vying for that date card. Fans were obviously enthralled as well.

Eventually, Aaron offered his date card to Genevieve Parisi and James offered his to Shanae Ankney, which was pretty notable because they all have history together... sort of. Genevieve and Shanae butted heads in a major way during Clayton Echard’s Bachelor season, and they were forced to go on a 2-on-1 date together where Shanae threatened to push Genevieve into Niagara Falls. Shanae was eliminated then, but during the “Women Tell All” special for that season, Shanae accused Genevieve of immediately hooking up with Aaron after Clayton’s Bachelor season. Genevieve and Aaron denied that they had any romantic relationship before Paradise, but it looks like romance could be in the air for them now. (As for how James fits into all of this, anything Aaron is involved in, James is there by default.)

But as it turns out, Shanae and Genevieve seem to have put their past drama behind them. Things were actually pretty calm between them during the double date, and they even confided in each other about their feelings for the guys.

Shanae told Genevieve that she thinks she might have a future with James, even though she had been with Logan Palmer. Meanwhile, Genevieve had been really into Justin Glaze, but now feels more of a spark with Aaron. Love could truly be in the future for BIP’s favorite bros — and if not, at least they have each other.

Season 8 of Bachelor In Paradise airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.