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Genevieve Parisi on Season 26 of 'The Bachelor'

Shanae Accused Genevieve Of Hooking Up With A Former BIP Contestant

Let's unpack the drama.

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As any Bachelor franchise fan knows, Bachelor Nation can have a lot of overlap. Former contestants get together and spark up new relationships all the time. Kaitlyn Bristowe is engaged to Jason Tartick, a Bachelor Nation alum from a different season. There’s even an entire spinoff series devoted to Bachelor Nation alums falling in love: everyone’s favorite summer pastime, Bachelor In Paradise. So it shouldn’t really be big of a deal if two former contestants hook up. But when Shanae Ankney accused Genevieve Parisi of hooking up with Aaron Clancy, a fellow Bachelor Nation alum, during the Bachelor Season 26 “Women Tell All” special, she treated it like the biggest drama the franchise has ever seen. Here’s what to know about the situation.

The drama between Shanae and Genevieve goes way back to early in Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor, when Shanae started fighting with the other contestants over shrimp (sorry to bring it up again). Of course, it wasn’t just about shrimp... but a lot of it was. Basically, Shanae just didn’t get along with most of the other women, and Genevieve was one of the most vocal about having issues with her. That led to a two-on-one date between Shanae, Genevieve, and Clayton, during which Shanae accused Genevieve of being an actor, and Clayton eventually sent Shanae home.

During the March 7 “Women Tell All” episode, Shanae claimed Genevieve was never on the show for the right reasons. She backed this claim up by accusing Genevieve of sleeping with Aaron, who was a contestant from Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette and later a contestant on Bachelor In Paradise Season 7. Genevieve denied the accusation, and most of the other women came to Genevieve’s defense by yelling at Shanae, saying Genevieve didn’t need to defend herself.

But Genevieve did defend herself. She explained that she met Aaron at a bar after she was eliminated from the show. This was never something she was trying to hide; Genevieve posted a video of Aaron on her Instagram story back before the season started airing. But Genevieve said on the “Women Tell All” that not only did she not hook up with Aaron, but she didn’t even kiss him (not that it really matters). Then, Genevieve flipped the script on Shanae and said that Aaron showed her screenshots of Shanae reacting with lots of hearts to Aaron’s Instagram stories. So like, what exactly was that about?

Now, Genevieve, Shanae, and Aaron are all on the beaches together on Bachelor In Paradise Season 8. How it all goes down remains to be seen.

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