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Pete Davidson got shot down when he first asked Megan Fox for Kim Kardashian's phone number

Megan Fox Told Pete He Didn't Have A Shot With Kim Right Before They Got Together

Oh how wrong she was.


By now, the shock factor of Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s relationship has (mostly) worn off, but they keep giving us something to talk about. The age difference between the two is obvious (she’s 41, he’s 28) but hasn’t seemed to slow things down at all. In fact, in a recent episode of The Kardashians, Kim revealed that her intimate life has only gotten better in her 40s. Given that she only just turned 40 last year, there’s only one person she could be talking about: Pete Davidson. It’s clear things are very spicy between the two lovebirds, but funnily enough, one of their close friends never thought they’d get together. Kim revealed that Davidson asked Megan Fox for her number several months before the two got together. He asked, but he did not receive.

Kim revealed the funny story about Davidson’s first attempt to connect with her in the Thursday, June 2 episode of The Kardashians. According to Kim, Davidson reached out to Fox to shoot his shot and ask for Kim’s number months before the two actually began dating. Fox wasn’t having it. Instead, she replied to him with a hysterical response that basically told him she was out of his league. “Dude, you have a better shot of me and MGK getting eaten by crocodiles than you ever getting her number.” Ouch. Fox went on to add “Never gonna happen. Do not ask us.” Anyone else would have taken this as a sign to quit while they’re ahead, but Davidson isn’t just anyone.

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During Kim’s appearance on SNL back in October, she did a skit inspired by Aladdin and shared a kiss with Davidson. Even if it was just for show, Kim felt a spark and asked SNL execs for Davidson’s number, she revealed in the Kardashians ep. Once Fox got wind of their budding romance, she texted Kim immediately to get the details. “After we got together and it was a thing, Megan Fox texted me and is like, ‘Is this sh*t for real? Because he asked me for your number months ago,’” Kim said. Watch out for any crocodiles, Fox and MGK, because now we all know Kete is a thing.

You know the saying “If it’s meant to be, it’ll be?” Well, it looks like everything fell into place exactly how it was meant to — Kim found out about Davidson’s BDE and Davidson got the girl and her number in the end.