6 Things You Need To Know About ‘Bachelorette’ Contestant Matt


Ah, yes, Matt Munson... better known as "The Penguin Suit Guy" from this season of The Bachelorette.

This 32-year-old contestant vying for Rachel Lindsay's heart decided to make his mark on viewers — and the bachelorette herself — by dressing up as a penguin during his their first encounter. Why, you ask? Well, Rachel has a soft spot for the birds, and penguins do, in fact, mate for life.

D'aww, Matt! That was a clever move!


Since his dramatic entrance, Matt has remained relatively low-key, so much so that some viewers didn't know his name. The poor guy had a hashtag.

(Not going to lie, #WhoIsMatt is a thought I've had myself, but I've been busy rooting for Dean, so I guess I might have missed him.)

Since viewers are questioning where exactly Matt came from, let us give you a little background on the guy we don't really know too much about yet remains in the running.

1. He Doesn't Live Terribly Close To Rachel

This East Coast fella is a construction sales rep who hails from Connecticut and once called an apartment in New Haven home, according to his Facebook page.

If he steals Rachel's heart by the end of the season, they'll have to compromise on a location, as she is a Dallas native.

2. He Has A Good Heart


This contestant is a huge basketball fan, particularly of the University of Connecticut Huskies — he even has a 2014 NCAA photo on his Facebook cover showing support for his team.

However, he took his love of hoops and brought it to young kids. He's a coach who has volunteered with inner city children, according to his ABC profile.

3. He Knows His Way Around The Kitchen


Judging from his Instagram — that states "Family Friends Food & the rest that makes my world spin" — he isn't afraid to get messy, whether it's home-cooked Indian or Italian.

We hope he's ready to whip up a romantic dinner for Rachel.

4. He's Family-Oriented

Whether he's posting a throwback in honor of Father's Day or taking a quick snap with his sister, Matt seems to be all about the ones he loves.

5. His Taste In Music Is A Lot Like Yours


When asked in his ABC profile which three artists he likes the most, he said, " Justin Timberlake, Train, John Mayer. All three have gone their own route and still stood the test of time."

We can get behind that.

6. He's Not About Drama

So the whole Lee-Kenny feud totally had us wrapped up, but judging from Matt's Instagram, he has kept a civilized relationship with the other contestants, writing "Win or lose it was all smiles @hiltonheadisland with @therachlindsay @newsmyrnabeast @adam_gottschalk and the rest of my guys."

OK, so now that Matt isn't a complete stranger, it's time to see how things will play out with Rachel.

Now that's she's sending men home sans rose, it's time to see if she thinks Matt could possibly be her forever man.