Why Was Maria Menounos Cool With Waiting 19 Years To Marry Her Boyfriend?

by Sheena Sharma
Getty Images

Last week, People magazine reported that E! News host Maria Menounos finally got engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Kevin Undergaro. He proposed to her on Howard Stern's radio show, and she was all, like, surprised and stuff (or did a damn good job of PRETENDING she was).

Did I mention they've been dating for nineteen years? Yes, you read that correctly. They met each other in 1998 and have been dating ever since. Need I remind you it's 2016, people?

Now, I've been watching E! News practically since its inception. In one episode, Menounos's co-hosts, Jason Kennedy and Catt Sadler, kept pestering Menounos because Undergaro hadn't popped the question yet. She got flustered and clammed up. I could tell she was totally embarrassed because she didn't have an answer, so she kind of just slyly avoided the topic altogether.

See, I'm the kind of girl who's been planning her wedding since I came out of the womb, so I have a very tough time wrapping my head around the fact that Menounos and Undergaro have been smoothly dating for so long long. Maria doesn't seem like the "cool girl" to me, so I don't see how or why she wouldn't throw a hissy fit after, say, year three -- like a normal girl who's supposedly in love with her partner.

Am I the only one who thinks this situation is weird? Who the f*ck sticks around with a guy for that long without any sort of promise or guarantee? Whatever happened to "If you like it, then you should've put a ring on it?"

Eh, maybe I'm being a little too harsh. Who am I to judge, anyway? My love life is sh*t. What do you guys think? Did Undergaro propose because he's that ~in love~, did Maria demand he do it, or did he just feel guilted into doing it because they're both public figures and he knows an entire audience is judging his every move? Most couples I know who've dated an absurd amount of time overlook marriage and figure they might as well just leave things the way they are: sans rings.

My gut's telling me she gave him an ultimatum, because you don't just propose to someone after two decades. That, or Undergaro has a penis that shoots out wine and money and when you tug on it.

At the end of the day, engaged ain't married, so here's hoping they don't get divorced like every other Hollywood couple that's ever existed. Even Catt Sadler recently got divorced, and I loved them together. Is nothing sacred anymore?