This Man Looks So Much Like Mr. Bean, They Could Literally Be Twins (Photo)

I gotta hand it to this guy. He does, in fact, look a lot like Mr. Bean.

I'm SICK AND TIRED of people claiming they look like Mr. Bean.

It's like every day you turn on your computer, scroll through your newsfeed and it's just full of people saying, “I look like Mr. Bean,” “Check out this picture where I look like Mr. Bean” and “Look! It's Mr. Bean!... JK, it's me. I look like Mr. Bean.”

Just once, I'd like to see someone who claims to look like Mr. Bean actually look like Mr. Bean.

Someone like this man.


When Redditor Jewce-lee mentioned a picture of a friend's cousin who looks like Mr. Bean, Jewce-lee DELIVERED a picture of the friend's cousin who looks like Mr. Bean.

Don't try to be like someone you aren't. Embrace yourself, Internet. Be proud of who you are and not embarrassed by how you don't look like Mr. Bean.

Let your true beauty shine on through.

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