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You Can Now Turn Yourself Into A Powerpuff Girl, So Dreams Do Come True


In anticipation of "The Powerpuff Girls" returning to television on April 4, Cartoon Network blessed us with There, users can create tiny crime-fighting versions of themselves and turn them into GIFs, desktop wallpapers and static avatars.

Naturally, everyone on Twitter is sharing his or her adorable doppelgänger.

Yup, your Powerpuff kid has options -- beards, braids, pets, suits, tutus, guitars and a cat I know is fake but want to adopt anyway.

Mojo Jojo doesn't stand a chance in the face of this kickass but ultimately super huggable fleet of stone-cold reckoners.

Honestly, what are you waiting for? Everyone is going to be over this in, like, two days, so catch this moment of magic while it lasts.

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