Billboard Tweeted Something Horrible About North West Before Deleting It

Hey, Billboard, make sure the next time you tweet a hilarious, timely joke about a sex tape created over a decade ago you don’t blatantly sexualize a toddler, mmkay?

On Thursday night, Billboard tweeted a photo of North West eating a lollipop next to Kim Kardashian West with the caption,

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…

The tweet was quickly deleted.

Even in a world that has sexualized youth for centuries, it takes an especially sick person to see a photo of a 2-year-old eating a lollipop and equate it to a grown woman eating a Ray J.

Twitter users are demanding Billboard apologize for being a gross-ass monster.

A few users claimed the tweet was referring to North telling paparazzi, "No pictures!" like her famous father.

Others pointed out the picture chosen to represent the article was an intentional slight.

America’s First Family is an easy target. Surely haters don’t have to sexually ridicule an innocent child to get the job done.