Every Sister Duo Can Relate To Maddie & Kenzie Ziegler's Firsts & Lasts

They get so real about Maddie's ex.

Maddie and Kenzie Ziegler are the best sister pair around. After starring alongside each other on Dance Moms from 2011 to 2016, the girls pursued individual projects, with Maddie diving into the acting world and Kenzie focusing on her music career. Since the two have been in the spotlight most of their lives, longtime fans may think they know everything about the siblings. However, this video of Maddie and Kenzie Ziegler sharing their firsts and lasts reveals so many secrets that may prove otherwise.

The duo got their big break on Dance Moms — one of Lifetime’s most successful reality series — when they were just kids. The show premiered when Maddie was 8 years old and Kenzie was just 6. For five years, viewers saw the sisters constantly train to hone their performance skills. In the end, Maddie went on to dance in several of Sia’s music videos, including “Chandelier,” which has crossed the 2-billion-viewer mark on YouTube, as well as others like “Elastic Heart” and “The Greatest.” She eventually became the singer’s muse, and in February 2021, Maddie starred in Sia’s film Music.

As for Kenzie, ever since leaving Dance Moms, she’s appeared on other reality shows like Dancing With the Stars: Juniors and The Masked Dancer. After releasing her debut studio album, Mack Z, in 2014, Kenzie dropped her second album, Phases, in 2018 and dropped singles “Exhale” with Sia and “Donuts” in 2020.

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In Elite Daily’s video of Maddie and Kenzie Ziegler sharing their firsts and lasts, the girls discuss their most significant behind-the-scenes moments together, including the first time they caught each other doing something wrong, the last time they called each other in the middle of the night, and the first time they were overprotective of each other. “The first time I was super protective over Maddie was when she had her first real boyfriend, and I actually hated him from the beginning,” Kenzie says. “Maddie is a nice girl, and she would never fight with her boyfriend, so she would bring me into the room to fight with her ex-boyfriend, and of course, I would just scream at him ’cause I hated him.” (Maddie said he totally deserved it!)

One of the most surprising things the girls revealed was they didn’t always have the best relationship growing up. “As we get older, we’ve become super close,” Kenzie says. “We used to literally hate each other because we were with each other every single day. We never had a break, and so now that we’re doing our thing, we’re best friends.”

Watch the video of Maddie and Kenzie sharing their firsts and lasts below.

“Even though we’re 20 months apart, we allow each other to have different friend groups and make decisions on our own,” Maddie says. “We just try and support each other as best as possible throughout the way. Even when one makes a mistake, we’re always there to catch each other. We always stick up for each other. No matter what, put your sister first because they’re your partner for life.”