The 'M3GAN' trailer has inspired so many memes on Twitter.

A Star Is Born: M3GAN's Trailer Is The Meme Of The Moment

Annabelle who?

by Dylan Kickham
Universal Pictures

The Barbie movie can take a back seat, because there’s a new doll everyone’s dying to see. After the trailer for the upcoming horror flick M3GAN dropped on Oct. 11, everyone had no choice but to stan the eponymous devious dancing doll, and for good reason. The M3GAN craze has taken over social media, and these memes of the M3GAN trailer prove she’s Twitter’s newest twisted sweetheart.

M3GAN made her big debut when her trailer dropped on Oct. 11, and her star power was undeniable right off the bat. In the upcoming horror movie, roboticist Gemma (Allison Williams) brings home the prototype for her lifelike Model 3 Generative Android, nicknamed M3GAN, as a companion for her orphaned niece. But as M3GAN’s protective nature crosses a murderous line, it quickly becomes clear that Gemma may have some bugs to work out.

The movie is scheduled to hit theaters on Jan. 13, 2023, but the bonkers, endlessly rewatchable trailer has already made M3GAN the internet’s favorite new star. From massacring mean boys to dancing to an eerie Taylor Swift remix, M3GAN is truly giving horror fans everything they want and more.

Check out the trailer for yourself to meet the internet’s creepy new doll queen.

You get it, right? Like, that’s mother. It didn’t take long before the internet began collectively stanning M3GAN.

M3GAN’s weird hallway dance totally stole the show, and the scene was the perfect meme for fans to edit different songs into, making M3GAN the TikTok it-girl of the moment.

Of course, no artist was inserted into more M3GAN dance edits than the hitmaker who shares her name: Megan Thee Stallion.

The hot girl coach herself jumped on board the stan wagon, confirming she’s just as obsessed with M3GAN as the rest of us.

M3GAN also received quite a few comparisons to another icon, as Twihards pointed out her eerie resemblance to Bella and Edward’s... um, unique-looking daughter Renesmee from Twilight.

But of course, the most obvious comparison is to other famous murderous horror dolls of cinema, Annabelle and Chucky. The M3GAN stans wasted no time in throwing those old toys to the side to welcome their new fave.

Fittingly, the human Megan provided the final word on the matter.

Get ready to dance into the new year with M3GAN, as her horror flick pirouettes into theaters on Jan. 13, 2023.