The Love Triangle Brewing In The ‘Big Brother’ House That Could Change Everything


Big Brother just aired one of its most explosive eliminations ever, and it was only the first one of the season! The episode seemed to make it clear it will be Cody and Jessica against everyone else in the house, but a possible love triangle might change Cody's fortune.

First, let's recap just how screwed Cody and Jessica are in the game right now. The showmance known as "Jody" started off leading the largest alliance in the house, but several twists of fate led to Cody having to turn against his own group way too early in the game. Now, he and Jess are pariahs in the house.

A wild set of circumstances led to Cody nominating the most contestants to be put on the block in Big Brother history. He stayed true to his alliance at first by putting up Jillian and Megan and continues his allegiance by putting Alex up when Megan walked out on the show.


But, when Alex pulled herself off the block by winning Power of Veto, Cody decided it was time to make a big move, and put Paul — a member of his alliance — up for elimination, revealing his cards. That backfired when Paul revealed his Pendant of Protection, and Cody instead nominated another alliance member, Christmas.

I know, it's a lot to sort through. Basically, Cody is responsible for a third of the house being on the block this week and chose to turn against his own alliance at the end without telling any of them his plans. So of course, now everyone in the house is gunning for Cody, and his showmance Jessica by association.

And to make things even worse for Jody, the new Head of Household for the week is [SPOILER ALERT] the person who Cody tried to publicly stab in the back, Paul! So it seems like Cody is a dead man walking.

BUT there might be a chance for the dead-eyed vet to flip the house.

Cody teamed up with Jessica in the first few days of the competition, but recent episodes have seemed to suggest that who he really wants to work with is Alex. Cody tried to get Alex to work with him before putting her on the block, and has constantly talked about how much he admires her (much to Jessica's annoyance).

Julie Chen has also noticed Cody's attraction to Alex. She told Entertainment Weekly she sees Cody slowly falling in love with Alex:

No one doesn't like [Alex] (OK, except Jessica because Jessica sees that her BF Cody has a soft spot in his heart for her). My guess? Cody is slowly falling in love with Alex. He seems to love her spunk, spirit, athleticism, and the way she is brutally honest and kind of “in-your-face!” about it.

So, could Cody jump showmances, and leave Jessica for Alex? It's possible, but might not be easy. Alex has vowed since the beginning she isn't interested in showmances and has, in fact, vowed to break up every showmance in the house.


But on the other hand, both Alex and Cody have proven themselves to be competition beasts, and with everyone gunning for Cody, Alex could use him as a nomination shield if they do align. It actually might be a good move for Alex to work with Cody.

Keep your eyes peeled, Big Brother fans. If Cody does manage to survive Paul's HoH, it might be bye-bye to Jody and hello to Colex.