Nick Thompson in Season 2 of 'Love Is Blind'

Let's Talk About Nick From Love Is Blind Season 2

Not Lachey, the other one.

Ser Baffo/Netflix

Love Is Blind has returned to Netflix for Season 2, and its celebrity hosts have returned with it. Real-life married couple Nick and Vanessa Lachey provide their guidance and expertise to the couples trying to find long-lasting love. But Nick Lachey isn’t the only Nick making a big impression during this season of Love Is Blind. Nick Thompson is a contestant this season whose tumultuous love story is getting a lot of attention.

Warning: Spoilers for the first five episodes of Love Is Blind follow. On Love Is Blind, 15 men and 15 women meet up in isolation pods for multiple dates a day, all in an effort to form a strong connection with their possible future spouses. That setup gives the contestants a lot of options, and that can be overwhelming for some of them as they get caught up in multiple love triangles. That wasn’t the case for Nick Thompson, though. He and Danielle Ruhl hit it off right away while in the pods. They got really vulnerable with each other really quickly, sharing details of their parents’ divorces and their personal weight loss journeys. But all that vulnerability couldn’t save them from conflict out in the real world. Once they left the pods and went to Mexico together, Danielle came down with a bad bout of food poisoning, and Nick went to a cast party without her. That was a big no-no for his future wife, and it sparked their first big fight. Now, Nick and Danielle seem to really be testing the question of whether “love is blind” to its limits. Here’s everything you need to know about one half of this couple.

Nick Thompson's Real Job

Nick has worked in marketing at several companies in Chicago. He’s currently the vice president of product marketing at a company called Mediafly. He’s fairly active on LinkedIn, posting lots of articles about brand marketing and corporate social responsibility.

Nick Thompson’s Instagram

Much of Nick’s Instagram is devoted to his dog, Mr. Greyson, and rightfully so, because his dog is super adorable. He also posts photos of his travels to places like Croatia and Sweden. In his bio, he talks about his love for his Chicago sports teams, the Bulls and the Bears.

Nick Thompson Facts

Nick is on the older side for a Love Is Blind contestant at 36 years old. He calls himself a “humanist” and a “neat freak,” and is a fun-loving guy who loves to explore Chicago with his friends. Now audiences will have to see if he’ll get to continue exploring Chicago with Danielle as his wife.

The first five episodes of Love Is Blind Season 2 are on Netflix now.