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Map Annotated By Tolkien Was Found Inside A Copy Of 'Lord Of The Rings' (Photo)


A map of Middle-earth featuring annotations by JRR Tolkien himself was recently discovered in a copy of "The Lord of the Rings" once owned by illustrator Pauline Baynes.

As Baynes worked on a color version of the map for a 1970 publishing of the book, Tolkien sketched small corrections and adjustments.

The author suggested, for example, Hobbiton was along the same latitudinal line as Oxford University where Tolkien was a professor of Anglo-Saxon.

The map, currently on sale for £60,000 (about $92,000) at Blackwell's Rare Books in Oxford, also insinuates "LOTR" city of Minas Tirith was inspired by real-life Italian city Ravenna.

Blackwell's Sian Wainwright told The Guardian,

Sir Ian McKellen, a direct beneficiary of the rewards of Tolkien's painstaking attention to detail, shared news of the treasure on Twitter.

Henry Gott, modern first editions specialist at Blackwell's, claimed the finding was a major coup for scholars and literary fans alike.

He explained,

Die-hard fans of the series who are curious about the famous collaboration can pop over to Blackwell's and take the map home for a couple (tens of thousands) of quid.

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