Elizabeth Lail plays Lola Morgan in 'Gossip Girl.'

Yep, That's Beck From You In The New Gossip Girl

No one tell Lonely Boy about this.


The Gossip Girl cinematic universe just got even more complicated. Longtime fans already know OG Gossip Girl blogger Penn Badgley (who played Dan Humphrey in the original series) has since moved on to stalking across the U.S. as Joe Goldberg in the Netflix thriller You. But one of Joe’s paramours has just crossed over into new Upper East Side territory: Elizabeth Lail, aka Beck from You, is playing Lola Morgan in the Gossip Girl reboot.

Warning: Spoilers for Gossip Girl Episode 3 follow. After accepting her half-sister Zoya’s (Whitney Peak) romance with her longtime boyfriend Obie (Eli Brown), resident queen bee Julien (Jordan Alexander) made several unsuccessful attempts to move on that culminated with her getting incredibly intoxicated in a club bathroom. A blonde woman (Lail) found her there, and lent an ear as Julien ranted about her love triangle problems. The woman admitted she has some relationship issues of her own: She’s been dating her boyfriend for a year, but he refuses to go public with their relationship and insists on meeting up in secret.

Imagine Julien’s surprise when she discovered the blonde woman, Lola, is actually dating her father, Davis (Luke Kirby). He went clubbing with her in New York City, even though he told Julien he was going on a business trip in Berlin. It turns out, Lola is a barista and aspiring musician, which is convenient given Davis happens to be a Grammy-winning producer. Julien and Davis’ relationship had already been majorly tested since he found out she secretly kept in touch with Zoya for years without telling him, so after she confronted him about his secret relationship, things between them are now tenser than ever.


How exactly Lola will factor into the season as a whole is unclear, but hello! Let’s celebrate another Gossip Girl-You connection while we can. Could Lail’s casting even be a subtle nod to Badgley’s major role on the original Gossip Girl? After all, they co-star as a couple in You Season 1, and Beck and Joe just *happen* to meet in an Upper East Side bookstore. Even if no major Gossip Girl characters have returned for the reboot yet, this casual You tie-in is honestly the next best thing.