Twentieth Century Fox

You Can Actually Order The Little Nero's Pizza From 'Home Alone' (Photo)

For today, and only today, you can UberEATS yourself a fresh pie of Little Nero's Pizza -- just don't expect the delivery driver to give any change, you filthy animal.

In honor of the 25th anniversary of “Home Alone,” 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment partnered with UberEATS to deliver limited-edition pies from the iconic pizza restaurant featured in the movie.

Starting at 11 am today, fans of Kevin McCallister's standoff with Joe Pesci and that guy who directed "Rookie of the Year" will be able to order from Little Nero's and have the pizzas delivered by drivers wearing Nero's hats in retrofitted Nero's cars in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and San Francisco.

Sorry, every other city.

For the low price of $10, and I'm NOT fiddlin' with you, you get one personal pizza made by local pizza restaurants donning the Nero name for the day as well as a digital download of "Home Alone."

Plus, nostalgia. You also get a ton of nostalgia.

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