Lindsay Lohan Recreating A Scene From 'Parent Trap' Will Make You Nostalgic

Walt Disney Productions

You're about to OD on nostalgia. HARD.

Before every sh*t ever created hit the fan for Lindsay Lohan, she was the lovable split-screen, one-girl twin in “The Parent Trap.” It's the Lindsay a lot of us grew up with and the Lindsay some of us opted to remember the most.

Sure, she's been through the wringer and back again (and then like five more times after that), but can't we just pretend 2005 to 2016 never happened?

No? COME ON! Not even with this Instagram video of Lindsay doing a scene from "The Parent Trap" using Dubsmash?

OK, yes, I know Dubsmash super sucks, and everyone is beyond bored with the concept of the app by now, but do yourself a favor and feast your eyes upon this throwback gold.

Lindsay doing an impression of a recording of herself?!?! "Inception" much?

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