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Liam Payne's Shirtless Selfie Is The Hottest Thing You'll See Today

Thirsty humans of the world, gather around. I've got something to show you.

If you're a big fan of One Direction, you may just go unconscious after reading this. Heck, even if you hate the damn band, I bet you'll be knocked out COLD.

One of the band members, Liam Payne, posted a shirtless selfie on Instagram yesterday, and fans went WILD.

Let me introduce you to Liam's gorgeous, totally defined and hairy eight-pack abs. Yes, there are eight of them.

Please, take a second to fan yourself or go grab a glass of water. No judgement. I'm sweating so much right now, it feels like I basically went swimming.

Liam's selfies have always been on point, but this one just takes the cake. I mean, did you see those nipples?!

It looks like 1D fans agree. They like what they see very, very much.

I'm not quite sure if the fandom survived yesterday. There's a good chance everyone's dead after seeing that pic.

But, who can blame them? It's just too sexy to handle. Are you dead yet? Because I am.

Wow, what a time to be alive. Thank you, Liam, for sharing your beautiful body with the world.

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