12 Times Liam Payne's Selfies Were The Most Awkward, Perfect Things Ever

Ahh, selfies. Can't live with them, can't live without them.

It's always interesting to see the selfies celebrities post on Instagram because a lot of the time, they look too perfect to be real. Faces look airbrushed; skin looks flawless; hair is shiny and smooth.

Yeah, um, that's not what happens when I take a selfie. Nope. Hello, double chins. How are you guys doing?

Well, folks, I've got someone whose selfies will make you feel way better about your own. Liam Payne from One Direction takes some seriously awkward selfies and proves celebrities truly are just like us.

Check out 12 of his all-time most cringeworthy pics below. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll get secondhand embarrassment and want to die. It'll be a beautiful experience for all of us.

Now, go grab your selfie stick and get ready to feel really great about yourself. I guarantee you'll get the confidence to take an awesome new pro pic after this.

Love you, Liam!

1. When he posted this super intimate close up with the caption, "Can't sleep! Ever! Ever ever! Never."

2. When he made this face and told us all it's "how California rolls." Is that a sushi pun or am I just hungry?

3. When he stared into the camera lens and told us, "Real eyes, realise, real lies." Deep sh*t, man. We feel you.

4. When he stared at us more but this time said he was having a "bed hair day." OK, but why does your hair look wet? Liam, please get back to me.

5. When he wished himself an "angry birthday to me ha" and looked super pissed off but it's fine, he was just acting. What a jokester.

6. When you couldn't tell if he was sleeping or dead, but then he reassured us with his caption, "Just woke up ... Stillllll cute though ahaa."

7. When he channeled his inner geek and added this emotional filter to you know, ~set the mood~.

8. When he posed with his mouth open.

9. When it's three days later and his mouth is still open.

10. When this happened.

11. When this happened again but we aren't sure why.

12. And when it happened again, but this time I'm done. Goodbye.

RIP me.