Lexy Panterra Is Back With Another Twerking Video And It's The Best One Yet

This video isn't NSFW, but it's 100 percent not NOT NSFW.

I will go on record saying there is no nudity or anything inherently inappropriate in this video. It's just a woman, fully clothed, listening to some Spanish song by well-lit stairs while random people walk by completely unaware they're in a music video.

The cops can't arrest her for indecent exposure, and I'm pretty sure if this was released as a movie, it wouldn't be rated more than PG.

It still made me feel super dirty and like 10 times while I was watching it I had to minimize the window because co-workers walked by and I didn't want to be labeled “THAT GUY” who watched “THAT STUFF” at work.

This is the dirtiest I've ever felt watching something where everyone is completely covered up. Is it possible to have an NSFW general aesthetic? Because Lexy Panterra, without a question, has an NSFW general aesthetic. Also, my butt got oddly tired watching this. Her twerking is soooooo powerful it honestly made me feel like I just did 30 minutes of cardio.

I need to watch a video of a cold shower now.