Leonardo DiCaprio And Nina Agdal Just Showed Major PDA And There Are Photos


Man, Leonardo DiCaprio LOVES his ladies.

Instead of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," we should be "Keeping Up" with Leo's love life. It feels like the Oscar-winning actor is dating a new famous model every week.

I can't even get a guy to text back, and Leo has, like, 239,439 sexy women surrounding him on the reg. Ugh, celebs. They really are just like us. FML.

Anyway, sexy man-hunk Leo was spotted getting cozy with Nina Agdal the other day. The two have been rumored to be dating, but who really knows what that means. All I know is Leo is 41, and Nina is 24.

That means when Leo was 17, Nina was still in the womb. Visualize that for a sec.

Now that we've painted the picture, let's talk about Leo's sexy getaway.

Leo and Nina had a romantic beach day in Malibu on Thursday, and their PDA was out of control.

Seriously, the two were basically connected because they didn't stop touching the entire time.

Here's a video of Leo and Nina making out, rolling around in the sand and having sexy time. Kids, close your eyes!

That's what I look like in a bikini, too! Hahahaha *puts down milkshake and cheese fries.*

Leo, I hope you had an amazing day at the beach. I wish you and Nina a life full of happiness and love.

On the real, though, if you guys break up, call me. I love you.

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