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Leo DiCaprio Did Some Pretty Insane Things For Role In 'The Revenant'


Ew, Leo. Ew.

An actor or actress going above and beyond the call of duty to harness the essence of a character is not an uncommon occurrence in Hollywood.

Professional actors and actresses will take on accents for extended periods of time, gain or lose tons of weight to prepare for films and even spend nights homeless or in poor living conditions to get feels for the worlds they're supposed to portray.

I get it. You must suffer for your craft as long as it helps the movie.

That being said, Leonardo DiCaprio confessing he slept inside a f*cking bear or some sh*t for “The Revenant” is too goddamn much.

In an interview with Yahoo! the 40-year-old star of the upcoming Alejandro González Iñárritu film said,


Wait, what's that part about the food he consumed on set?

He said,

Oh, cool. Casual.

This all fits in line with how “The Revenant” was reportedly a monstrous film shoot to be a part of.

The crew was apparently subjected to absurdly cold temperatures in treacherous shooting locations. Allegedly, one actor was even pulled across the ice naked during a fight scene.

Leo did, however, admit he knew he would potentially have to do stuff like this in order to act in the movie. He explained,

NOT WORTH IT! THERE IS NO WAY THIS MOVIE WILL BE... OK, this trailer looks insanely good.

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You know what? I hope Leonardo sleeps in a dead animal for all his movies because this film looks amazing.

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